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"Because Every Child Deserves To Learn And Play"

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The Story Behind the “Banana Box Toy Project”

From 2017 we were approached by individuals asking if we could provide some toys to families who were struggling to make ends meet.

Believing that "Every child deserves to learn and play" we agreed to provide toys to families concerned. 

Banana boxes were readily available from the local supermarkets and these were used to put toys in. We were repurposing banana boxes as well as toys. This is how the term “Banana Box Toys” came into being.

The  banana boxes were distributed on an individual request basis however as time progressed requests increased.

In early 2020 our trustees approved the launch of the Banana Box Toy Project. Originally the plan was to provide toys to victims of domestic violence in our locality. However a 2019 report from The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health estimated that 4 million children are living in poverty which equates to 30% of all children. Just think that 3 children out of 10 in your locality may be living in poverty.


The Joseph Rowntree Foundation also produced a report on poverty in September 2016 and recommended 5 ways in which poverty could be reduced. Two of these recommendations were to improve education and strengthen families and communities.


In response to these reports we:

  • Expanded the project to other organisations / individuals to make our toys available to the “3 children out of 10” in our locality who may be living in poverty.

  • Ensure that our Banana Boxes of toys include stationary, age appropriate book, game and puzzle for each child. This is to promote education and strengthen families (hopefully to assist in addressing two recommendations from Joseph Rowntree Foundation).

If we can improve a child's education and social skills then we may help them obtain better qualificaitons resulting in a good job that will allow them to escape from the poverty trap.

The Banana Box Toy Project is continuing to grow and we now work with a number of organisations in our locality to ensure that our Banana Boxes of toys reach those who need them most.

Donations to this project would be greatly appreciated. £2 will purchase a stationery set and notebook for a child. £5 will purchase an age appropriate book or a game or puzzle and £10 will purchase some sensory items for children with special educational needs and disability

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