• Ronnie

Our boxes of toys help to feed a childs mind.

With high levels of poverty in the UK (made worse by the pandemic), it is difficult for families to make ends meet. Their priorities will be to feed and clothe their family and trying not to get debt with utility and other bills. Many children do not own their own book. A large number of children rely on the good will of a teacher or school to provide them with basic items of stationery. Our project is committed to giving children a box of educational and play toys that will hopefully promote education, increase their reading and social skills as they read, play games and do puzzles.

If we can help educate and develop a child, then they may get better qualifications and ultimately a well paid job, thus helping them escape from what is often referred to as the "poverty trap".

You may help a childs education by donating new or good quality pre-loved toys, books, games and puzzles.

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