Spirit of Christmas is a registered charity dedicated to providing high quality family Christmas events in Yorkshire and beyond.

Here at Spirit of Christmas, we encourage people and organisations to organise and run events that will benefit their local community. We have been running large scale events since 2009, with each event accommodating around 150 children excluding adults at each event.

In developing and delivering our events, we are strive to:

  • Provide access to fulfilling Christmas events for those who might otherwise miss out

  • Provide a safe environment for families to celebrate the festive period

  • Encourage people to talk and develop relationships via our informal settings

  • Promote volunteering opportunities for people from all backgrounds

  • Promote equality of opportunity for all, ensuring that no individual is discriminated against in the planning, delivery and attendance of our events.

A Spirit of Christmas party is a unique magical experience for all families who attend. It's an event where anyone can feel as though they belong, which is something many of our attendees value greatly. 

We are completely reliant on the support of the general public to continue to host our events, spread the festive cheer and give children what sometimes turns out to be their only Christmas present. 


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